Wellington an Blücher am 16. Juni 1815

The heights behind Frasnes 10:30, 16 June, 1815.

My dear Prince,

My army is disposed as follows:

The Prince of Orange's Corps has a division here at Quatre Bras, the remainder are at Nivelles.
The Reserve is now marching from Waterloo to Genappe, where it will arrive at midday.
At the same hour the English Cavalry will have attained Nivelles.
Lord Hill's Corps is at Braine-le-Comte.

I do not see many of the enemy in front of us, and I await the receipt of news from Your Highness, and the arrival of my troops, to decide on my operations for this day.

Nothing has been seen in the direction of Binche, nor on our right.

Your very Obedient Servant,


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